Personal Loans Colorado

Personal Loans Colorado

Whether it's a new purchase, a home remodeling project, or an unexpected need, Citywide Banks offers a variety of loan and line of credit products with the customized terms and personal service Denver families have expected since we opened our doors in 1963.

Home Equity Loans

Citywide Banks also offers a variety of second mortgage loan options that enable qualified customers to borrow up to 80% equity on their home for home improvements. Second mortgages may also be used to obtain cash for other major purchases. Interest may be tax deductible.*

Ready Resource (Overdraft Protection)

Ready Resource is a personal credit line for clients who qualify. This low interest credit line is designed to protect you from overdrafts on your checking accounts.

Pay-Off Loan

The Pay-Off Loan can get the credit card monster off your back. Consolidate your debts into one low monthly payment today!

Auto Loan

The Auto Loan rate at Citywide Banks is always competitive with the market. We finance new and used cars along with RVs, boats, motorcycles, and airplanes.

Call our Customer Service Department at 303-365-3650 to be connected with a personal loan expert at your nearest Citywide Banks branch.

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I can steer you to a guy named "Three Fingered Willie". He will give anyone a loan, but if you don't make the payments, you become "Two Fingered (insert your name here)."

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