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My car was a little bit damaged from a \"hit and run\" incidence and had I to repair it. I went to my auto mechanic for the repair but the charge was pretty much and I couldn't afford it then. The mechanic recommended Mint Payday for loan to repair my car. He told me... how his clients get loan to fix their cars from them and many other good things about them. I went online and read a little review about Mint Payday and I was impressed. I then went on to the website to apply. The application form was right on the homepage so I didn't waste time finding it. I filled it with the necessary details and submitted the application. The next day, I received an email that my application was approved and the loan was ready. I was very happy and impressed with the speed. I will definitely come back.

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Wrong Wrong Wrong! I went on the show, and I live here in Vegas. Gold and Silver don't hide junk. They just don't buy Junk. They have just about anything you could want. This shop pays more than any other pawn shop here in Vegas. I know this for a Fact! It's a TV Show a...nd they film all the time. almost every day they are doing something with the show. The staff there are all very nice and I have always been treated Wonderfully while I was at the shop. They have Great items, and they pay lots for the items therefore you can't get something for nothing there. How sad for you. I Love the place and all the people with it. Diane

MintPaydayJoyce J. ratedA friend recommended Mint Payd...

A friend recommended Mint Payday when I was looking for loan to fix my car. I went through their site and read everything I needed to know. I decided to apply for it and to be honest it was very simple and easy. All I had to do was to fill a form on the website with my detai...ls and submit. Few days later, I got an email that my application has been accepted and I have lenders ready. In summary, I am happy to have found Mint Payday. With Mint Payday, everything is easy and really fast from application to getting the loan. The website is easy to navigate making it easy to find and fill out the application.

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Fash cash payday loans | Zapkolik
Fash cash payday loans | Zapkolik
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Cash Money Loan Can Get You Through a Financial Crisis
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