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Personal Loans - The Best Terms Texas Has to Offer

Do you have to make a major purchase but need cash? Whether it’s a washing machine that suddenly died, a leaky refrigerator, a new big screen television or any other expense, we understand that money can sometimes be tight.

The solution is a TDECU Personal Loan. Apply, get approved and buy what you need, easily. Use the funds for anything from replacing a must-have item to consolidating debts.

A TDECU Personal Loan is an unsecured loan with a competitive interest rate and flexible terms, which means TDECU relies solely on your promise to repay the money.

Your signature and good credit record is all we require to advance the money you need for items such as unexpected expenses, home improvements, special purchases, or vacations.

You choose how to repay the loan, whether automatically from one of your accounts, by payroll deduction or other means. You can pay weekly or monthly, and you won’t be surprised by payment increases or changes in the timing of payments.

Interesting facts

  • OOCRE (Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate) is typically a commercial property of one of the following types:
    Unimproved land, Multifamily Homes, and Residential Income Homes are not recognized by most banks or lending institutions as OOCRE.
    OOCRE is a description utilized to describe the use or utility that the owner will have with the...
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