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Most people need extra money at one time or another - perhaps for new furniture or to pay unexpected medical expenses. But many can't qualify for a traditional loan through a bank. Nationwide Loans specializes in loans for people who have yet to establish a good credit record or need the chance to reestablish one.

If you live in Illinois and need money, we can offer you the cash you need without a lot of hassle or long waiting times. Nationwide's fast underwriting process allows us to look at loans on an individual basis and give you an answer in 24 hours or less. You will always be treated with the respect you deserve.

Check out the features of our Personal Loan Programs:

  • Loans from $800 to $10, 000
  • Terms from 13 months
  • Unsecured or secured
  • Easy application and closing process
  • Fast underwriting and quality loan service
  • Convenient office locations
  • Credit insurance policies available
  • Automated payment option available
  • Bilingual service

Auto Loans Over $4, 000

If you currently own a car (even if you have an existing loan on it), Nationwide may be able to get you the extra cash you need, or provide you a lower interest rate to save you money. At Nationwide, “We do our best to say, ‘Yes’!”®

Loans Under $4, 000

Nationwide offers secured and unsecured loans from $800 to $4, 000. Do you need cash for unexpected or back-to-school expenses? Nationwide has been helping individuals and families since 1954.

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