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Fill out the quick online application. Applying online is easy. Fill out our form - it only takes a few minutes - and be on your way to a fast cash loan. It's secure, quick, and easy. Providing accurate information helps us process your loan faster.

Receive an Approval Decison in minutes. We have a powerful decision engine tied to our website that provides you with an answer to your loan request in minutes. If we are unable to help you, you may be offered a loan by one of our partners.

Get Cash in your account. We make the loan process as fast, easy and as convenient as possible. When you're approved for a loan from Sierra Lending you should recieve your funds by the end of the following business day, depending on your bank.

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We know that money doesn't grow on trees, but here at Sierra Lending we're dedicated to making the loan process as easy as can be. When you need cash fast, we want to provide you with easy access to a loan. That's why we offer Quick Approvals and longer hours - so we're here when you need us.

You don't have to worry that your lack of credit history or bad credit score will hold you back. We understand how people can fall behind sometimes and need assistance when banks and other sources of emergency cash are unwilling to help. We're willing to overlook your less-than-stellar credit history if you qualify with a good job, a bank account with direct deposit, and if you meet our other underwriting guidelines. Check out our FAQ page if you have other questions about our loan process or don't waste another minute - Apply Online Today.

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  • Payday loans in Australia are part of the small loans market, which was estimated in 2008 to be between $800m and $1bn a year, although it seems likely that the true market was and currently is higher than this.
    The growth of this market mirrors the growth in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Because the market for small loans...
  • The Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) is a nonprofit organization non-partisan research and policy group based in Durham, North Carolina and with offices in Washington DC and Oakland, Calif. Its purpose is to educate the public about financial products and to push for policies that curb predatory lending. On its website and elsewhere, CRL...

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Has anyone had a payday loan with total lending? | Yahoo Answers

never heard of this particular lendor but please find another option. payday loans are a last resort.

Is payday lending the same as a payday loan.

Yes, payday lending is the exact same as a payday loan, but sometimes people call it different things. It is for those who need a very short term loan until they get paid at work, at which point they pay the loan back. This usually comes with a high interest.