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Thank you very much for your help. I did get approved for the loan. I received your letter Friday February 1st, applied Monday the 4th at one of the lenders and Tuesday the 5th we received the loan. Now I'll work on getting my credit report up to par. Thanks once again.

Payday Loans Jacksonvillebradpdmariano he... helped me had the money I needed to pay off my bills. They were nice on the phone and also told me that after I paid off this loan I could apply for even a higher amount in the case I needed money again. Thanks

Speedy Cash2boysmome ratedSpeedy cash is great, especial...

Speedy cash is great, especially this location! Maddie and Nancy the office staff defiantly go out of their way to be not only efficient but extremly helpful! They are very supportive in your times of need and make you feel right at home!

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how can i get help payin off my title loan in jacksonville fl? | Yahoo Answers

You use the same sort of help you used in getting the loan in the first place. Translation, you get a side job etc. and make more money to pay the loan. There ain't no free ride here.