Long term Loans for bad credit

See at Your Benefits with Long
  • 5 minute online application-see instantly what you qualify for
  • Borrow up to $35, 000 with a choice of flexible repayment plans
  • Interest rates start at just 4.99%

Apply securely online with an easy 5 minute form and instant approval, to see what your options are- 3yearloans have a huge range of loan amounts and customizable repayment periods that offer a staggering amount of flexibility to their customers.
Repayment terms vary from 1 to 5 years and allow YOU to choose the time you need to repay in comfortable and affordable monthly installments. With interest rates starting from an attractive 4.99% you can be assured that you’ll qualify for the lowest applicable rate, as you are able to choose the loan offer that is right for you from a range of options that work for your situation.

Whether you need a weeks worth of groceries to see your family through to payday, or you need a loan to cover larger expenses such as a new roof, medical or tuition fees, you will find your needs met with 3yearloans. Small monthly installments put even the largest loan amounts within the reach of any customer, even those with a patchy or non-existent credit history.
Returning customers qualify for extended repayment terms and greater loan amounts, at lower rates of interest, rewarding you as you manage your loan responsibly.

Loans such as those offered here allow you to keep your finances discreet and your home secure, and are a worthy choice for anyone who is unable or unwilling to use their regular loan provider.

Payouts are extremely fast, with cash wired to your chosen account as fast as the next day, allowing you to make definite plans. No more waiting for approval, waiting for money or waiting for checks to clear- emergencies are less stressful when you have almost instant cash access.

Interesting facts

  • Personal loans are given by the bank on credit, based on your word to repay. Typically good credit ratings (FICO > 719) are required, but personal loans are a good way to consolidate debt without giving any kind of collateral.
  • The Union Credit Union is a natural person credit union chartered to serve union members. A national advocate for unions and union members, it is headquartered in Spokane, Washington.
    In 1968 members of Bricklayers Local 3 founded The Union Credit Union as a not-for-profit means of obtaining loans and saving money. Originally the credit union...

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Long Term Payday Loans | 6 & 12 Month Loans | No Credit ...
Get Long Term Loans Without Any Credit Check
Get Long Term Loans Without Any Credit Check
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