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Mountain Loan Centerschi5409 ratedA bit frustrating

Me and a friend took 1 1/2 hours off work to come in early because we were on a time crunch. The place was packed, and we ended up waiting for literally more than 2 hours. It is understandable to a point, they obviously can't help it if they have a lot of customers come in. But seriously, get additional employees. Its ridiculous, especially towards new clients. And like the other complaints here, my roommate was approved for $500, and they only offered $200. So I offered to cosign (which is stupid of course) and they approved us of $350. Which we declined until they "Were able to raise it to $450" even with my exceptional payment history. It was a bit of an irritation considering we were guaranteed approval, and felt like it was additional time of ours wasted. The contract was a little daunting as well. If we had let it get past the 20 days our loan would double to $1000. Nevertheless we paid it back in full, and had no additional problems. My recommendation is not to take out large loans unless you're sure you can pay it off and not get late fees. And also don't show on Fridays or any time after 3:30 for that matter.

Mountain Loan Centertotaltruth93 rated

I recieved a loan through this company 6 months ago. I went to the location on 3300 S. and that was complete chaos. The parking was horrible, the customer service was not all that great but i had to stick it out because financially i was not in a position not too. I was only... dealing with that location for a month or two after i got the loan and then started dealing with the corporate office. That was a much better experience for me. I worked with Bryan and Correen in collections and they helped me with the dreadful intrest and also payment arrangments. Last week i paid them off in full and it is because of the help i recieved from Bryan. He is absolutly amazing. I would never get another loan, because i hate payday and signature loans but if i was in the same position i was i would go back and deal with Bryan all over again. He was a total sweetheart. Also, remember for the bad reviews on here, if you are nice to people and actually make an effort, you will get the same in return.

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  • WesBank is one of the largest credit installment institutions in South Africa and South Africa’s largest provider of loans for cars.
    WesBank is a division of FirstRand Bank Limited and partners with various motor industry stakeholders to deliver its major product, which is vehicle finance.