Short term lenders


A short-term loan is one solution to an immediate financial problem. Many people once in a while encounter a cash emergency when they have reached the last few dollars in their bank account, but have more expenses before they will receive their next paycheck. No one wants to default on a financial obligation, so the question becomes "who can I borrow money from?" A short-term loan is generally funded quickly - within a few business days - with the expectation that the borrower will repay the loan on the day they receive their next paycheck. Short-term loans can be found at stores in certain states or at online lender websites.

Typical Online Short-term Loans

Many lenders advertise short-term loans ranging from $100 to $1, 500. A typical realistic loan amount for a first-time borrower is $300-$500. Requesting a lower loan amount will make it easier for a first-time borrower to find funding online. As a general rule, you should request the lowest amount that you need immediately and make every attempt to pay back your loan as quickly as possible. Both the speed at which online short-term loans are processed and the chance that lenders take by approving "risky" borrowers tend to add up to higher than average finance fees charged.

Understanding the Lending Process

The application process for an online short-term loan is similar to that of applying for a traditional bank loan. The lender will request basic information needed to assess the risk of the borrower and to process the loan. Be sure that when you fill out an application that requires you to provide personal information over the internet that the lender has a secure webpage. You will notice that the url on the application page is preceded with https:// - the "s" indicated the webpage you are on is secure and that the information you are submitting is done so in a safe environment. Some lenders also have security seals on their website that indicate the site has been verified by a 3rd party. Click on the security seals to make sure that they are legit.

Every piece of information that a lender requests on the application form is requested for a reason. It is necessary information the lender needs to make the decision of whether or not to approve the request to borrow funds. Not filling out an application completely, or entering false information will likely result in a denied loan. If you are unsure why a certain piece of information is needed, or don't feel comfortable providing that information, please call us so that we can help. If you don't provide a correct phone number or driver's license number, for example, you will most likely be denied immediately.

Interesting facts

  • Commercial hard money is a term describing a commercial loan that is generally non bankable. The company usually does not meet the standard banking criteria, but has real estate and or assets that are sufficient to collateralize the loan to the investors/lenders. Commercial Hard money is a creative solution for many real estate investors...
  • Government debt (also known as public debt, national debt) is the debt owed by a central government. (In the U.S. and other federal states, "government debt" may also refer to the debt of a state or provincial government, municipal or local government.) By contrast, the annual "government deficit" refers to the difference between government...

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Popular Q&A

What is the primary emphasis of short term lenders?

fast return on money loans at a high interest rate

What ratios are short-term lenders interested in?

I would think liquidity ratios, cash flow, days in receivables, and inventory turns might be a part of their interests.
Lender will check following -
1. Leverage (TOL/TNW & TD/TNW) - irrespective of the tenor/type of loan
2. Liquidity Ratio
3. Liquidity Ratios ( current Ratio, inventory turnover ratio, debtors & creditors turnover ratio)
4. Net Working capital - to assess working capital requirement
5. ISCR- Interest service coverage ratio to check capacity to repay interest (in case of CCor OD)
5 DSCR - Debt Service coverage ratio to check capacity to repay interest+ capital (in case o…