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When you need a loan for any reason, make Parkside Credit Union your choice for financing. You’ll enjoy competitive interest rates, flexible terms, and fast processing. Plus, you can apply for your loan before you begin shopping. You can feel comfortable knowing that your personal loan obligations will be met when you purchase low-cost credit life and/or disability insurance. For details, contact the credit union office at 734.525.0700. You can apply online 24/7- Click here to apply!

Share Savings Secured

Use your savings or certificates as collateral for a low interest rate loan.

Signature Loan

Parkside Credit Union offers many loan and financing programs to meet your needs. Whether you need extra cash for holiday shopping, a great vacation, debt consolidation, wedding expenses or any worthwhile purchase, we can help.

Revolving Line-of-Credit Loan

This non-variable line-of-credit is available with credit limits up to $10, 000. Access your loan conveniently by obtaining cash at the credit union or by a phone call to a Parkside Credit Union representative at 734.525.0700.

Overdraft Line-of-Credit Loan

Apply for your overdraft protection loan with credit limits up to $1, 000, and you’ll never worry when you write a check in excess of your checking account balance. A transfer from your overdraft protection loan will cover the amount up to your credit limit. You’ll also avoid paying fees for returned checks, and your transfers to and from the overdraft coverage will be recorded on your statement.

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Take advantage of low interest rates while they last
Take advantage of low interest rates while they last
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Special low interest rate loans for cars a good idea
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