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Whether you want to give your lifestyle a boost or have an unexpected expense to deal with, a Personal Loan from Absa is the cost-effective way of making it happen.

Absa personal loans are flexible: you can borrow from R3 000 to R350 000, and affordable repayment periods range from 12 to 72 months*.

  • Immediate access to your funds after approval
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • The ability to pay off your loan faster (extra payments reduce the capital amount of the loan)
  • Easy approval if you require additional funds
  • An affordable Credit Protection Plan to settle the outstanding balance if you die, become permanently disabled or get one of the dread diseases. A monthly amount equal to your instalment amount will be paid for a limited period if you are retrenched or temporarily disabled. (Optional)

Applying for a personal loan is quick and easy!

If you are an existing Absa customer, all you need to do is logon to Absa Online, click on “Apply” on the top tabbed navigation, and select “Personal Loan” from the menu that appears on the page.

Simply enter your requirements, and you could have the money in your account in less than 10 minutes! Remember, no collateral is needed to apply for your personal loan as your application is based on your credit worthiness.

If you are registered for Absa Online, you may see a provisional loan amount on the main accounts page.

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Additional information

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lie on payday loan application
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pls loans online application
Rishi Personal Loan Calculator Free
Mobile Application (Rishi)
  • * A very simple interest calculator. This easy loan calculator is great option to choose out of those all finance calculator available.
  • * No confusing options to select from in this loan amortization calculator.
  • * This free interest calculator app calculate loan payments given purchase price, down payment, principal, interest and term.
  • * In this free financial calculator you can add extra monthly expenses. These could be monthly HOA or monthly insurance or property tax in case this is being used...
  • * Table in this free loan payment calculator shows loan amortization schedule i.e. interest, principle and balance on annual or monthly basis.
  • * Based on the input options, a summary will be displayed in this interest rate calculator showing total interest paid over the life of loan.
  • Get interest rate loan calculator free app now and lets start saving on loan.
Smart Touch Premium-151991-151991 Credit Calc [Download]
Digital Software (Smart Touch Premium-151991-151991)
  • Calculate interest rate for every month of the loan
  • Gives clear table with arranged sum of payment
  • Possibility to calculate your payments in term of the years and months
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Ten Gallon Apps, LLC Auto Loan Calculator
Mobile Application (Ten Gallon Apps, LLC)
  • CALCULATES ANY OF THESE AUTO LOAN TERMS: Monthly Payment, Loan Amount, Term of Loan, Annual Interest Rate, Purchase Price of Vehicle, Down Payment, Trade-In Allowance...
  • AMORTIZATION: Payment schedule is shown as a chart and a table with each row showing the payment date, amount, portions applied to the interest and to the principal...
  • EXTRA PAYMENTS: You can enter as many extra payments as you want with varying frequencies from monthly to annually to one-time payments. See how much interest you...
  • EASY TO USE: Calculations are done live as you type and all data is automatically saved, so no need for calculate and save buttons. View and compare saved loan...
  • EMAIL OR SHARE: Share the loan calculation details and/or the amortization table over email or any other share target on the Android device. The amortization table...
Aspiring User Apps Debt Reduction Tracker
Mobile Application (Aspiring User Apps)
  • Debt Reduction Tracker allows you to pay off single or multiple debts by letting you organize them very easily.
  • Feed in the details of your loan such as the loan amount, no of years to pay it off and rate of interest.
  • Provides you with the monthly payment you ought to do.
  • The app even readjusts those monthly values, if you decide to pay more or less anytime in the middle of the duration.
  • At the end of each year it calculates your total payment and the interest you payed in that year.