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Personal loans can help you

Whitney Bank offers consumer loans for all of your needs. From cars to boats to home improvements, all of our loans offer competitive rates and flexible terms and payment options. Ask about our Payment Keeper debt protection plans - a great way to protect your family from unexpected hardships associated with the loss of a job, extended illness or death in the family.

Personal Loans

  • Consolidate high-interest debt into one low monthly payment or use your loan to cover other cash needs
  • Competitive rates, flexible terms and fast turn-around
  • Can be secured or unsecured - many options available
  • You set your payment due date
  • Save 1/4% off your loan rate with continuous automatic payment from your personal Whitney checking account*

Whether you want to create your dream kitchen or pay off debts, the equity you have built in your home can provide you with possible tax-saving financing solutions. Let a Whitney Banker help show you the way. Learn More

Auto, Boat and RV Loans

  • Loans for new and used cars, boats and RVs – anything that gets you moving!

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Residential Construction Loans

Our residential construction loans can put you one step closer toward making your dream home a reality (available for owner-occupied residences only). Similar to a line of credit, a Residential Construction loan is used to finance residential construction projects. You can draw funds as needed to pay contractors and suppliers. When the building is completed, the loan is paid off with proceeds from permanent financing. Most construction loans are granted after permanent financing has been arranged.

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We've helped our neighbors across the Gulf South realize their dreams of owning a home. We're eager to help you, too.

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