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LendUp has the best reviews as a direct payday lender in California. LendUp loans have no hidden fees, no rollovers, lower interest rates, and clear terms and conditions.

If you check online reviews of your favorite pizza place or nail salon online before you choose the best place, you should also check out California payday loan reviews to make sure you are choosing the best payday loan lender in California.

California payday loan reviews not only provide information about online payday loan lenders, but also provide valuable information on how to choose an online payday loan. California online payday loan reviews warn against giving any personal information to any site that does not seem secure, to avoid having your information compromised. LendUp knows that your information is important and needs to remain secure. We will never sell any information you provide when you apply for your payday loan online.

Wondering what additonal information you should look for in California payday loan reviews? Check out our list of what to look for in a good online payday lender:

  • Direct Payday Lender: Most online payday loan reviews will tell you if a payday loan lender is a direct payday lender. Always choose a direct California payday lender to avoid the middleman and make sure your personal information is safe. If you do not choose a direct payday lender, you run the risk of getting dozens of phone calls and emails from marketers and solicitors.
  • Payday Loan Customer Service: Customer service should be one of the most positive features in an online payday loan review. Good customer service is an important part of choosing the best payday loan lender for you.
  • Safe and Secure Payday Loans: Will your personal information be sold to other companies? California payday loan reviews will likely reveal whether or not you're dealing with a safe, direct payday lender.

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Payday Loans Payday Loans - Payday Loans Better Business
Payday Loans Payday Loans - Payday Loans Better Business ...
Best Payday Lender Service Offers More Than Money Help
Best Payday Lender Service Offers More Than Money Help
Online Payday Lender Does Not Fit Into A Best Friend
Online Payday Lender Does Not Fit Into A Best Friend ...
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What are the best online deal sites?

They clearly double billed you. They can fix this in a heartbeat.
Online loans are scams. Stay away from them.
Here is a fantastic idea: Make a secured loan against your $15,000 cd.
You could just take out $2,000 and they will give you 1 year to pay it back.
Usually the interest is ONLY about 2% of what the cd pays. Very low.