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If you need of extra cash, California direct payday loans from LendUp are the best way to go. The top 3 reasons you should choose California direct payday loans are:

  • Help when you need it: If you are a resident of California and need an online payday loan, choose a local California payday loan company to ensure that they obey California laws and can provide you with top-notch service. LendUp conducts all payday loan customer service during regular business hours from California so we can answer any questions you have about your direct online payday loan.
  • Supports local businesses: With so many jobs outsourced or offshore, supporting a business that offers local California direct payday loans stimulates the California economy.
  • Direct payday lenders will not sell your information: Direct lenders are the best way to get a California direct payday loan because they will not sell your information to other companies or to third party marketers. Say goodbye to solicitors spamming your email inbox with offers for payday loans that are not direct.

Interesting facts

  • Upside-Down, also known as negative equity, refers to owing more on a loan than the value of the asset for which the loan was used to purchase. Upside-down loans occur when the asset depreciates in value, or was overvalued when the buyer purchased the asset.
    For instance, given that most cars rapidly depreciate in value, it follows that...
  • In corporate finance, Structural subordination refers to the concept that a lender to a company will not have access to the assets of the company's subsidiary until after all of the subsidiary's creditors have been paid and the remaining assets have been distributed up to the company as an equity holder. For example, if a lender loans money to...

Popular Q&A

Where online can one find comparisons of car loan lenders?

There are a number of places where an individual can find comparisons of car loan lenders online. Some websites you may want to visit include Auto Loan Service Review and Consumer Reports.