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Instead of scouring questionable loan sites online or waiting in line at a payday loan store, you can apply for an emergency cash loan from LendUp. That's right, LendUp payday loans are now available in Wisconsin.

Not Like Other Wisconsin Payday Lenders

LendUp offers something new, something that you may find better. We call it the LendUp Ladder.

The LendUp Ladder can be a pathway to a more secure financial future. Unlike other payday lenders, LendUp rewards its customers for paying their payday loans back on time. How? With access to larger loan amounts, lower fees, and more flexible repayment terms over time. For our top Ladder levels, repayment history with LendUp may even be reported to major credit bureaus, which can help build credit history (where available).

Qualifying for a Wisconsin Payday Loan

If you're interested in applying for a Wisconsin payday loan with LendUp, keep in mind there are some minimum criteria you must meet. To apply for a payday loan in Wisconsin, you must:

-be 18 years or older

-have a recurring source of income

-have an active checking account

-be a resident of Wisconsin

-must not be an active member of the military or the dependent of an active member of the military

Why Chose LendUp for a Payday Loan?

Instant Decision: We're a direct lender in the states we are licensed, so we can approve a loan in less time than it may take to go to a payday loan store in these states. For consumers we serve, applications for a LendUp payday loan may be completed online, from any smartphone or computer.

Safety: Applying for a loan online can be tricky. We value security, safety, and privacy. We do not sell any private customer information to third parties.

Accessibility: Every LendUp customer gets a personal dashboard, where their loan details can be managed 24/7. LendUp customers may also contact our friendly customer support team if they have questions concerning their loan.

Lower rates: Wisconsin online loans can be expensive. As a direct payday lender, LendUp is able to offer Wisconsin consumers online payday loans with lower rates than other payday loans and no hidden fees.

Interesting facts

  • Upside-Down, also known as negative equity, refers to owing more on a loan than the value of the asset for which the loan was used to purchase. Upside-down loans occur when the asset depreciates in value, or was overvalued when the buyer purchased the asset.
    For instance, given that most cars rapidly depreciate in value, it follows that...
  • In corporate finance, Structural subordination refers to the concept that a lender to a company will not have access to the assets of the company's subsidiary until after all of the subsidiary's creditors have been paid and the remaining assets have been distributed up to the company as an equity holder. For example, if a lender loans money to...