Cash Advance Florence KY

Cash Advance Florence Ky

Quik Cashmrwilson7322 ratedI was told about this place fr...

I was told about this place from a coworker a few years back now. I can only rate the "gun shop" side of the shop, since I've never actually bought anything off the regular side. They have been great over the years. I do not have a single complaint against them. They have a very knowledgeable staff and will help you with just about anything. I would recommend them to any friend or relative looking to get a good deal on a firearm or firearm related accessory. With any good shop comes the busy times, and they do get extremely busy. I have patience though because I'm not the only one in the world. I really can't comment on any personal experiences with pawning/selling anything. I can say that I've heard them work with customers many times on a either extending the loan period, or getting a little bit extra for the pawned item. They are a business, so they need to make money in order to stay in business. You can't expect to get a full price for what you paid for a particular item when you sell it to them. They need to have room to make money on it, or else they couldn't stay in business. If you are looking for a place that has a great selection, professional staff and great prices, this is the place I'd recommend. Since I've started coming here, I've only been to one other shop in the area, and that is just to shoot what I buy from the gun room at Quick Cash. *On a side note, I was reading some of the negative views on here. Some people really need to check the State and Federal laws before sounding off so loudly.*

Quik Cashcraigblue ratedI am a pretty serious gun coll...

I am a pretty serious gun collector and have bought and sold a vast amount of things through all of the popular gun web sites over the years. I started buying and selling from the guys at QC, Guns about four years ago and I have since stopped using web sites all together. They are great people to work with and have the LOWEST! prices anywhere. There is no disputing that, and for the other reviews on this site just consider the source? I have witnessed some of the incidents below and believe me the store or the staff was not to blame!! This is the only place I go now and I plan to continue this relationship for many years to come! CB

Quik Cashricklt ratedMy son and I have bought 8 top...

My son and I have bought 8 top of the line guns from Quick Cash, various accessories, and got solid advice that was free. I recently built another M-4 with parts purchased from them that were unavailable elsewhere. AR uppers are rare right now, they had one. In all my visits...

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