Where can I Get a Loan Fast?

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Finding a Loan
  1. Search online. If you decide you have to get a loan quickly, you will find a large number of payday loan companies by searching online. These companies typically lend relatively small amounts of money to people at very high interest rates with strict terms and conditions for repayment, which often result in additional costs to the borrower. Only consider a payday loan if you are certain you will be able to repay the balance quickly.
    • Payday loans are generally the most expensive way to get credit.
    • You can use websites to help you find alternatives to payday loans if you need money.
    • Alternatives might include an advance from your employer, an authorised bank overdraft, or a credit union loan.
  2. Evaluate the costs. If you have found some loan providers online, be sure to write down all the terms and conditions and make some comparisons across different companies. You should look for all the charges incurred by the borrower.Image titled Get a Fast Loan Online Step 4 This includes the rate of interest, the initial charge to take out the money, and any processing or admin fees that are levied against you.
    • Most websites will have online calculators which present you with an amount to repay. Be sure to read all the small print and understand if there are any charges which are not represented.
    • The average APR for a payday loan is around 400%, and can go into the thousands of per cent.
    • The average APR for a credit card is around 12%. The average for a loan is 7%.
  3. Be certain you can repay on time. With payday loans, the fees for late payment can dramatically increase the cost of the loan. Payday loans are generally taken out for a specific amount of time, such as a week or a month. If you are unable to repay by the stated date, the loan rolls over and extra charges are added. Ensure you know how long you will have to repay the loan before you begin to incur additional charges.
    • The costs of payday loans can quickly spiral and escalate, so clearly plan out how you will pay everything back on time before taking out a loan.
    • If you are nearing the payment deadline, but think you will be unable to pay off the balance, resist the temptation to take out an additional loan to pay it off.

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