Unsecured Personal Loans Florida

Loan offers personal loans for

Personal Loans are for vacation, furniture, medical needs or for any other productive purpose. Your personal creditworthiness and your promise to pay is the collateral for this loan.

Personal Line of Credit

A revolving Line of Credit determined by your creditworthiness gives you the flexibility of taking future advances on your available Line of Credit as needed.

Express Line of Credit

Reduce the embarrassment and costs associated with overdrafts on your Checking Account. An Express Line of Credit Loan will automatically transfer funds into your Checking Account to cover an overdraft condition. This loan may be used as a backup to overdraft protection from Savings. The loan transfers are granted in increments of $50, up to your available credit limit.

EZ Cash Loan

Qualified members can borrow $500 instantly with 6 months to repay without a credit check. If you have successfully paid off an EZ Cash Loan with us before and have a 6-month payment history, then you might be eligible to borrow up to $1, 500, under similar terms. To qualify, all your accounts and loans at the credit union must be in good standing; you must be employed for at least two years with your current employer; and your loan must be repaid through payroll deduction. There is a $25 processing fee assessed for an EZ Cash loan.

Loans Secured by Savings or Certificates

You can borrow against your own savings account or certificate funds at an annual percentage Rate 3% above the rate that the funds are earning. The deposits will be secured as collateral on these types of loans.

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Popular Q&A

Can Discover Loans garnish wages, or seize assets for an unsecured personal loan in Florida?

Yes, but they have to file a lawsuit and get a court order first. They cannot seize your home if it is homestead property and you may be eligible for exemptions from garnishment, but you will need to consult with an attorney.