Personal Signature Loans

Unsecured Personal Signature

When it comes to borrowing money for all of life's needs, it pays to be smart.

A personal loan means you get to choose – take a trip to Key West, grab that new iPad, or cover unexpected expenses. With fast approval and rates lower than a credit card, your personal loan is just a phone call or mouse click away.

  • Rates as low as 6.99% APR
  • Loan amounts up to $50, 000
  • Fixed, affordable payments
  • Flexible terms up to 84 months


Personal Loan Rates

36 months 6.99% $30.88 48 months 7.39% $24.14 60 months 8.99% $20.76 72 months 9.49% $18.28 84 months 9.99% $16.61

Overdraft Line of Credit

Our Overdraft Line of Credit provides with peace of mind, covering those unexpected expenses for when life doesn’t go the way we planned. The line is paired with your Andrews checking account and will automatically transfer available funds whenever your balance isn’t sufficient to pay incoming checks, ACH, debit card transactions, etc. For more information about all of our Overdraft Protection options, visit our Overdraft Protection page.

  • Lines available up to $10, 000
  • Low, variable rate payments
  • Automatic overdraft coverage for your checking account
$10, 0001 14.00% (Variable)2

Premier Line of Credit

If you're looking for a flexible source of funds to consolidate some bills, pay for unforeseen car repairs, or jump on that amazing vacation opportunity that just popped up, look no further than our Premier Line of Credit. With lines available up to $20, 000 and convenient access to available funds, you’ll have the money to pay for all the unexpected surprises that life throws your way.

  • Lines available up to $20, 000
  • Convenient access – online, by phone, by check or in person at any branch
$20, 0001 10.00% (Variable)2

Share Secured Loan

This loan type is totally secured by cash deposited in your Andrews Federal Credit Union savings account.

  • Minimum Loan Amount- $1000
  • Maximum Loan Amount- $100, 000
  • Maximum Repayment Term -144 months; however minimum monthly payment is $30.00
  • Maximum Loan-to-Value- 100%

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Additional information

Embrace Home Loans Digital Signatures
Embrace Home Loans Digital Signatures
When a Personal Loan is Needed
When a Personal Loan is Needed
Personal Loan Singapore
Personal Loan Singapore
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About a personal, or signature loan? | Yahoo Answers

Bad credit personal loans normally carry a higher rate of interest. This is because of the higher risk potential in such loans. One may also be overcharged on this account. The borrowers are asked to pay a hefty charge and have to face some inflexible terms of payment.
Nevertheless, there are lenders who charge reasonably lower rates of interest. Taking a loan is not a trivial matter. It puts an important asset to stake. It also affects the financial condition of the borrower. This makes a proper search for the loan a priority. Gone are the days when searching the loan market would ha…