Personal Loans with Fair credit

Personal loans with fair

At Atlantic Financial Services, we understand that bad things can happen to good people. Divorce, illness and job loss are just a few things that can cause comsumers to fall on hard financial times. That is why we have built our business with the goal of providing fair and affordable personal loans to customers with sub-prime credit in North Carolina and Virginia. Our loan process enables us to discuss with the consumer the events that led to their problems and determine the credit worthiness of each customer. We are then able to work out a loan structure and payment plan that works best for them. We offer reasonable rates, convenient terms and always look for a way to say YES to our customers.

Personal Loans for Any Good Reason Such As:

  • Unexpected home or auto repairs
  • Financing for planned purchases
  • Vacations or weekend getaways
  • Consolidation options for other loans

Need Cash Fast? We Can Help!

Contact one of our branch offices near you for more information, or simply apply online and a loan officer will review your application and contact you directly. Most applications are processed within a few hours of receipt.

Interesting facts

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    As of 2012, Mozo compares over 1,500 financial products from 158 providers, including all Australian banks, all...

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What are the laws in AZ regarding loans from one person to another? | Yahoo Answers

Unless there are other circumstances you are not mentioning, this loan would be legal under Arizona law - both parties are providing a good or service in exchange ()interest and a promise to pay back for the actual cash) and the interest rate is below the Arizona usury rate of 10% for consumer loans.

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