Personal Loans Greensboro NC

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Need money but don't want to tap into your savings? We provide a variety of personal loan options to fit your unique borrowing need.

Signature Loans

  • Fixed rate; Up to a $20, 000 maximum
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Line of Credit

  • Non-variable rate; Up to a $20, 000 maximum
  • No term maturity
  • Access to funds online, in branch, or over the phone
  • Advance funds whenever needed
  • Emergency Loans

    Get out of the payday loan habit and start a savings program at the same time.

  • Fixed Rate Loan; maximum of $400
  • Payroll deposit required
  • Additional Details
  • Vacation and Holiday Loans

    Relieve extra stress from planning a vacation or from the rush of the holidays with a great rate loan from your Credit Union

  • Fixed rate loan; $1, 500 maximum
  • Terms up to 10-months
  • Vacation Loan terms from April 1 through August 31
  • Holiday Loan terms from October 1 through January 31
  • Share Secured Loans

    Keep your money growing in your account and use a Share Secured Loan for your borrowing needs.

    Savings Secured

  • Fixed Rate Loan
  • Secured by funds in any savings account
  • Terms up to 60 months
  • Borrow up to 95% of secured deposit
  • Certificate Secured

  • Loan can be set up as a term note with no payment due until the Certificate matures or as a monthly installment loan. As a term note all interest will become due and must be paid before the Certificate can be renewed or redeemed. The Certificate loan interest rate is based on the current Certificate rate plus 2% rounded to the nearest 0.25% and will change if the rate paid on the Certificate changes up or down.
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    Popular Q&A

    How do i get a personal loan in nc? | Yahoo Answers

    If you have decent credit, go to a local bank or credit union.
    If you have less than decent credit, you don't get a personal loan.
    Most banks just don't do personal loans any longer and, if they do, they are going to want collateral and/or a decent credit score.

    What is the statute of limitations on personal loans in NC? | Yahoo Answers

    Maybe she can take you to court. The SoL in North Carolina is 3 years - however, the SoL renews every time you make even a partial payment, so if you made any payments on the loan within the past three years,m she can still sue you.