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At Florida Community Bank, our history provides us with a great knowledge of the South Florida area. We offer a wide variety of Customized Loan Programs to accommodate most every need. Being Your centrally located Community Bank allows for Fast Approvals and Closings featuring Excellent Service.

Florida Community Bank is committed to keeping the credit decisions local. As an FCB customer, your request will be handled by an experienced lender that knows lending and the local conditions.

Florida Community Bank has been an integral part of providing its customers true full-service banking. The combination of our already established customer base and the addition of several high quality customer driven loan officers will bring continued growth in the mortgage area.
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Our fixed rate auto loans offer payment plans tailored to your budget. Terms vary depending on age of the vehicle and the borrower's credit history.
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A CD Secured Loan from FCB is a cost-effective way to obtain the cash you need to meet your financial needs. You can borrow against your certificate of deposit for just about any purpose.
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Are you looking for a rewards card that earns automatic bonus points on every purchase, every month? Or maybe you prefer a card to pay down your balances on other credit cards faster or to save on interest. Whatever your needs, we have a credit card that’s right for you!

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  • Orion Bank is one of the largest, privately held community banks in the nation. Founded 31 years ago and approaching $3 Billion in total assets, Orion Bank is FDIC Insured and an Equal Housing Lender. Orion Bank has 23 offices located throughout south Florida. Orion Bank offers various personal banking and business banking solutions...

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Tips for successful renovation loans in Florida
Tips for successful renovation loans in Florida
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Where could a person get home equity mortgage loans in Florida?

There are many companies that offer home equity mortgage loans in Florida. Bank of America and Wells Fargo both offer this type of loans across the country, including Florida.

Where to File a Promissory Note for a personal loan in the state of Florida

This depends on the amount at issue. If the claim is under $2,500, then you are in small claims court. Otherwise, you must file your law suit in civil court. If there is language in the promissory note that specifies the jurisdiction and venue, then you must file the lawsuit in the venue indicated therein. If no such language in included, then you must file where the defendant resides, or where the cause of action accrued (usually where the payments where to be delivered in this type of case).