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MoneyKey and its third party lenders offer a unique online short-term, small dollar personal loan called a Single-Pay Loan. It works much like traditional payday loans that are due and paid in full on your next pay date. Where the Single-Pay Loan differs from the traditional payday loan, is that it has been designed to provide you with a cash advance, but has flexible repayment options instead of a fixed payday loan schedule.

What Should You Know Before You Apply for a MoneyKey Single-Pay Loan Online

To apply for an online Single-Pay Loan you must meet the minimum requirements:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • A US citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Have an active bank account
  • Have a regular source of income
  • Have a valid contact number and email address

Complete our online loan application to find out instantly if you qualify for a Single-Pay Loan. First time customers can borrow anywhere from $200 - $1, 000. The approved loan amount is based on state laws and qualification criteria.

When to Use a MoneyKey Single-Pay or Payday Loan

Single-Pay Loans are small dollar loans, meant to be paid back on your next payday, similar to traditional payday loans.

Single-Pay Loans are personal loans, consisting of a small cash advance that can help:

  • If you’re short on funds between paydays
  • Need to pay bills on time or cover small unexpected costs such as car repairs
  • An online Payday Loan can also help you avoid late fees, overdraft fees or bounced checks

It’s important to remember that Single-Pay or Payday Loans are meant for short term use only and not as a long term financial solution.

How Do I Pay Back an Online Single-Pay Loan

Your loan will be due on your next pay date and set to be paid in full. However, MoneyKey’s Single-Pay loan provides its customers with flexible payment options.

Single-Pay Loan Payment Options:

Pay in Full: The total amount due (principal loan amount plus fees and interest) will be paid on the agreed upon due date.

Renewal: You will only pay the finance fee. Keeping in mind that paying only the finance fee does not reduce your principal balance.

Partial Payments: In addition to paying the finance fee, you make an additional payment towards the principal of your loan on your scheduled repayment date.

Once your loan has been fully paid off, you can submit an online request for a new loan by logging on to your profile, on, or by contacting one of our friendly customer care agents at 1 866 255 1668.

*Repayment options may vary depending on your state and are subject to lenders' policy. Please refer to our Rates and Terms page for more information.

Why Choose a MoneyKey Single-Pay Loan over Other Online Lenders

MoneyKey aims to remove the complexity and bureaucracy borrowers often experience when trying to borrow money. Our highly trained Customer Care team will review all terms and conditions with you to ensure you understand how borrowing and repayment work. Our team can be reached by phone, email or online chat for any follow up questions. MoneyKey understands taking out a loan is a serious and often daunting task and we are here to help you every step of the way.

  • MoneyKey works fast to get you the money you need.
  • MoneyKey works with a third party lender in Ohio and Texas to act as a Credit Services Organization (CSO) and a Credit Access Business (CAB) in these two states, respectively.

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Where can one find information on online pay day loans.

The best places to find information on these types of businesses are consumer affairs websites and government debt-assistance portals. Interest rates on these loans are excessive, and should be avoided at all cost.