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I was looking to compare rates on an investment (2nd) home with a conventional 15 and 30 year term. I saw the commercial on TV and thought, what the heck, I'll try it. I started the process online. Ended up digitally chatting with an agent, as I couldn't finish the process on a second home quote, via the standard web interface. I felt a bit uncomfortable sharing personal information without knowing during the digital chat, if I was talking to an outsourced agent in India, etc. I was assured that the agent I was talking to, was in the US and a licensed loan agent. We finished the information, some 30 minutes later, and was to be contacted the next day to discuss the options after the research, credit check, etc. Within hours, I was emailed a letter of approval for the amount needed.

Perfect. Now, I just need the terms and details. When I was contacted by the agent at the specified time, the next day; I expected the call to be "so here is the rate for this option, and the rate and details for this option, etc. But, instead, I was asked at the front end of the conversation if I was ready to finalize the loan process today. I said I wasn't ready to close on the loan, until I knew the details of the quote. We danced around the issue on the phone and eventually, I was given a range of possible rate percentages and no specifics about my particular needs.

I got frustrated. It was like they were playing some sort of shell game with me. They wanted me to commit to closing on the loan, without giving me the specifics of the loan request. The agent must be trained in the selling process, to avoid talking about details, but get the commitment. Maybe the people they usually talk to, are just happy to get the opportunity to get a loan and when they are told they are approved, they just go forward with the finalization. Not me. I knew I could get the loan anywhere, based on my credit, assets, etc.

So, after my frustrating initial call back, the agent said she would call me back tonight, to talk details. I talked to the very polite agent again tonight, but quickly got frustrated again because of the less than forthright information specifics about the loan. She back peddled, sensing my frustration again, and told me her supervisor would call. He called a few minutes later. I expressed my less than satisfactory experience and asked for details on my quote, so I could determine if Quicken loans could be of service to me. He empathized, quoted me the rates on the 2 loans and I told him his quote was higher than my local Wells Fargo Mortgage office 1 mile away. He thanked me for the opportunity, etc. Then, within minutes, I got an email telling me that they were no longer going to be able to approve my loan application.

Normally I wouldn't spend 20 minutes writing a review - I would just let a less than positive experience go by. But, when I received an email minutes after I hung up the phone, telling me I was no longer approved for a loan at Quicken; it kinda of torqued me the wrong way. Now, I'm going to give their JD Power satisfaction survey a bit of a leveler and share my less than positive experience. My advice - do business with your local lenders, even if they might sell the note. My local rates were better. I can look my agent at Wells Fargo Mortgage, face to face and they don't try to play games in providing the most basic of information about the loan I am trying to secure.

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  • Truliant Federal Credit Union or Truliant was founded in 1952 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to serve the employees of Western Electric. First known as Radio Shops Credit Union, it later became known as AT Family Federal Credit Union. In 1999, it changed its name to Truliant Federal Credit Union to more accurately represent its broad-based...

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