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It’s easy and fast today to get approval from private lenders for personal loan. In many cases now, you just need a fast Internet connection to complete the process from application to approval. Richard asks this:

“I’m a bit short of cash this week and I’m thinking of getting a payday loan. But I’m embarrassed to drop by a lending store. I thought to go for private lenders for personal loan instead. Is the process wholly online? How do I get the cash? Thanks in advance for the advice.” – Richard, San Francisco, CA

Well, Richard, you’ll be glad to know that many private lenders for personal loan here or in the UK and Canada allow you to complete the whole process from application to bank transfer without you needing to leave your seat. Even if you have a bad credit, you can avail yourself of this option.

Let’s take a look how to get approval from private lenders for personal loan.

Search for lender

Use keywords such as “online loans, ” “online payday loans, ” or “private lenders for personal loan.” You’ll get tons of results showing these lenders with pitches that range from getting fast cash advances to quick processing. Scour through the results and shortlist the lenders that offer 100% online processing. Read their terms and offers and decide which one best fits your situation.

Fill up online form

The application process is quick, without lengthy paperwork. Usually there’s a button that says “Apply Now.” Click this to get the online form. Fill it up. Private lenders for personal loan often require the following data:

  • Personal data
  • Work information
  • Bank information

If you have a bad credit, don’t worry, many lenders do not require the following:

  • Past bank statements
  • Credit checks
  • Tax forms

Make sure all data are correct. Even a minor error like misspelling your middle name can delay the process, or you may be asked to submit another application.


Private lenders for personal loan will ask for a proof of recurring income to show your ability to pay back. This can be your paycheck stub or utility bill in your name. Depending on the lender, some will ask you to scan the document or screen grab your online account bill (if this is available) and send it as an attachment in an email. You will also be required to provide either a savings or checking account. Other requirements on how to get an online loan include the following:

  • Borrower is at least 18 years old
  • Gross income average of $1, 000
  • No bankruptcy case
  • Must be resident of state where you’ve applied

Get loan fast

Many private lenders for personal loan now offer same-day bank transfers. You can get the cash fast and easy! As long as you meet the requirements and your application contains no errors, direct lenders can process the loan in a day. On the other hand, some direct lenders allow for 2-3 days for an approval to get through.

Advice to borrowers

Online loans such as payday loans and cash advances can trap borrowers in a debt spiral. The nonprofit National Consumer Law Center warns that many lenders encourage borrowers to refinance a loan with another one loan. Avoid this practice if possible. Pay the loan fast to avoid being charged with exorbitant rates and penalties.


Today, you have a whole array of private lenders for personal loan offering online processing for your convenience. The process is easy and fast that you won’t need to leave your seat to get the cash. Just make sure to pick the lender with the best terms for you and one that practices ethical lending.

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2012 Guaranteed Online Personal Loans get Avail For Sure ...
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