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If you are in need of some additional cash for an emergency expense, a loan from LendUp is the better alternative.

Did you know that each state has different payday loan laws? If you're in California, make sure you pick a payday lender that adheres to the following guidelines:

  • The maximum amount for payday loan in California is $300. This does not include the fees that are associated with the loan.
  • The maximum fee a California payday lender can charge is 15% of the face amount of the check (up to a maximum of $45). Be sure that you understand the fee structure of your payday loan agreement before you apply. If you cannot locate the fee information, you should probably find another lender that makes the fees easy to see and understand.
  • The above fee is equivalent to an annual percentage rate (APR) of 460% for two-week loans. The actual APR may vary, depending on the term of the loan.
  • You may only have one outstanding loan from the same payday loan lender in CA. Try to avoid taking out multiple payday loans from different payday lenders to avoid this California restriction. Fewer loans means less potential for debt and a greater chance at financial freedom.
  • California lenders can charge additional fees and enforce restrictions for military servicemembers and their dependents.
  • All payday lenders in California must be licensed by the Department of Corporations. If you are applying with a CA lender that does not appear to be licensed, do not complete the application. A non-licensed lender does not need to abide by the California payday loan laws and can take advantage of you and your personal information when it is time to payback your loan.
  • You may only be charged a fee for a bounced check one time upon attempts to collect on your loan.
  • Legal and reputable California lenders will provide you with a copy of the contract you entered into with the lender.
  • When you apply for California payday loans, you have the right to receive documentation of the loan in the language that you speak. That holds true even if you apply for a pay day loan online.

Choose California payday loans from LendUp for a better payday loan experience. Why choose LendUp?

  • LendUp is a direct lender in California
  • No hidden fees - what you see is what you get

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