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The staff here is filled with some snooty suspicious characters.

I came in because I was a little short on rent and I hate borrowing money from other people.

The clerk helping me was pleasant, I don't know if she was new or if my situation was just so "unusual" that she needed to consult her coworkers. I work for a major transportation app. However all of my paychecks come through a third party staffing agency.

I knew there were going to be problems when I was asked if I did a W-9 form for my taxes.

Again. All things that were on my detailed 7 paycheck stubs that I brought in with me and had printed out. They weren't sloppy at all. They were clear. I work 35-40 hours a week which is considered full time. But for some reason I suppose reading comprehension isn't this company's strong suit.

I heard, what I can only assume was the manager, mumble that since I worked for "a start up" she needed to be more careful. "I approved one of those start ups for a payday loan a few weeks ago for someone...but but you're gonna need her taxes."

I was informed that I could not be approved because my paychecks weren't consistent. This made absolutely no sense. I get paid weekly. They verified the company that I worked for by calling them on the phone in front of me. AND the "manager" admitted that she approved a payday loan! Finally, the company I work for is an internationally renowned app. EVERYONE knows who they are. They might be new but they are in no way, shape, or form a start up sweetie.

The fact that they wanted 2 years worth of W-2s was the final straw. To prove what? That I'm not a fraudster? What sort or ridiculous policies?! Drawing blood and pulling a tooth is apparently easier than getting a measly $150 loan from these morons.

I hate to play the 'race' card...but I honestly do feel like there was some judgements made. I have been to payday advancement places before...WITH my new job...and never have I experienced such terrible service from the company itself.

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Is it considered a felony in Ca for an unpaid online payday loan? | Yahoo Answers

No that would be a civil not criminal issue.

What are the laws for garnishing wages for an unpaid payday loan in CA?

Before they can garnish wages, they must file a lawsuit in court, then they serve the lawsuit on you properly. If you fail to answer within the time provided, then they must request a default judgment against you, which the clerk will enter in all likelihood. If an when they find out where you work and, they can ask the court for an Earnings Withholding Order and serve your employer to garnish your wages at the appropriate amount. See my legal guide, below, on keeping the garnishment amount reasonable.