Low income payday loans

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Should I get a no credit check payday loan?

If you need money fast but have bad credit and few valuable assets, a no credit check payday loan may seem like the answer to a prayer. But the relief you may initially feel is soon overwhelmed if you become trapped in the endless cycle of payday loan rollovers. At LoanNow, we provide the money you need when you need it, without the payday loan trap that you don’t need.

Borrowing without a Credit Check

Besides a no credit check payday loan, the other major option for borrowing money without a credit check is through a pawn broker. Pawn shops represent one of the most expensive forms of secured credit. Pawn brokers provide loans in exchange for Aunt Mildred’s diamond ring or Uncle Fredrick’s antique gold watch. You only get the ring or the watch back once you repay the loan, which is due in full and with a hefty added fee within 30 or 60 days.

Unlike pawn shops, a no credit check payday loan requires no collateral. Instead, payday lenders base their approvals on whether you can provide proof of regular income.

As the commercials often say, your job IS your credit. If you have a job or receive a check from a government agency or a pension, your odds of approval are excellent. But there’s a catch. Your loan is usually due, in full and with a hefty added fee on your next pay date. If you’re paid every week, you could be expected to repay your loan within just a few days of receiving your money.

If you can’t make payment in full on your original repayment date, the payday lender renews your loan, adding a new set of fees and interest charges.

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