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A bad credit loan, as its name suggests, is a loan specifically designed for people with a poor credit history.

There are plenty of reasons why you might have a bad credit rating, from having failed to keep up with payments on a previous credit agreement, to having a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against you. Even if you’ve never had a loan or credit card before you could end up with a poor credit rating because lenders can’t access any evidence to show that you could manage your borrowing successfully.

Normally it is virtually impossible to borrow from a mainstream lender if you have bad credit history, which is why there are specialist loans and credit cards available for people with poor credit records.

Advantages and disadvantages of bad credit loans

The biggest advantage of a bad credit loan is that you are actually able to borrow money, which you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do because of your poor credit history.

This can provide a real financial lifeline to people who need a loan either to cover a major purchase, or perhaps to consolidate other debts.

Another advantage is that having a loan can actually help people with a bad credit rating to repair their credit status. This is because, provided you always make payments on time, you demonstrate that you can manage your money responsibly.

The biggest drawback with this kind of loan is that interest rates are normally very high relative to standard loans. As applicants for bad credit loans have usually had problems managing their finances previously, they therefore represent a much higher risk to lenders, and therefore the rates they are offered are much higher than they would be for someone with a good credit score.

Things to note when trying to get a loan with bad credit

Loans can either be unsecured, which means the lender has no claim to your property if you are unable to keep up with your repayments, or secured, which means the loan is secured against your home or another asset.

If you choose a loan which is secured, then although you might pay a lower rate of interest, your home could be at risk if you can’t keep up with the repayments.

When considering how long you want to repay your loan, remember that if you opt for a longer repayment term, you will end up paying much more interest than if you try and pay off what you owe quickly.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that interest rates on bad credit loans tend to be tiered depending on how much you borrow. Rates usually get lower the more you borrow, so if you are only just in a lower tier, it might sometimes be worth borrowing a little bit more to benefit from a lower rate. But don’t borrow more than you can afford to repay!

Find the right loans for you

There are many different loans for people with bad credit, so always do plenty of research before applying to make sure you have found the best loan to suit your needs. You can also compare debt consolidation loans if this is suitable for you.

Interesting facts

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  • Alternative financial services (AFS) are financial services provided outside traditional banking institutions, on which many low-income individuals depend. In developing countries, these services often take the form of microfinance. In developed countries, the services may be similar to those provided by banks, and include payday loans...

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how do i get a loan with bad credit
how do i get a loan with bad credit
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