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If you're applying for payday loans online to keep your financing in order, it's important to choose a direct lender in Missouri. Choosing a direct lender is the right choice if you want to keep your information safe, secure, and protected.

Did you know that payday lenders are regulated by state laws?

While there are loan brokers, lead generators, and tribal or offshore lenders that operate across states, direct lenders are different. Direct lenders in Missouri are licensed by the Missouri Division of Finance. Licensed lenders are the better choice because they provide consumers with the most protection and recourse, should something go wrong.

LendUp is a licensed, direct lender in Missouri and we offer first time customers the ability to apply for up to $250 for up to 30 days.

Our payday loans are a better alternative and we pride ourselves on finding solutions for all of our customers. Our customer service team is here and ready to help you with any online payday loan needs, 24/7.

We're based in San Francisco, California but our website is available 24/7 and you can even access your account from your own personalized dashboard. Set the sliders on the right to the amount and duration of your choosing, and the funds could be in your bank account in as little as 15 minutes.

Interesting facts

  • Upside-Down, also known as negative equity, refers to owing more on a loan than the value of the asset for which the loan was used to purchase. Upside-down loans occur when the asset depreciates in value, or was overvalued when the buyer purchased the asset.
    For instance, given that most cars rapidly depreciate in value, it follows that...
  • In corporate finance, Structural subordination refers to the concept that a lender to a company will not have access to the assets of the company's subsidiary until after all of the subsidiary's creditors have been paid and the remaining assets have been distributed up to the company as an equity holder. For example, if a lender loans money to...

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Borrower Responsibilities for Payday Loans Direct Lender ...
How Do I get A Payday Loan From a Direct Payday Lender
How Do I get A Payday Loan From a Direct Payday Lender