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Starter Car Loans (ages 16+)

  • Requires 20% down payment.
  • Requires proof of steady income.
  • Under 18 requires Parent/Guardian as cosigner.
  • Qualified Applicants will receive “C” credit rating.

Starter Lines of Credit (ages 16+)

  • Up to $500 limit.
  • Access your line anytime and anywhere.

Starter Platinum VISA® Credit Cards
(Low Rate, Rewards or Secured Platinum VISA® Credit Cards)

  • No derogatory credit.

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Starter Loan Program
Program Term APR* Monthly Payments per $1000 borrowed
Starter College Book Loan & Computer Loans*
2 years 7.990% $45.22

*Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is subject to change without notice. Parent/Guardian required as cosigner for those under age 18. College Book and Computer Loans require proof of college attendance and are available for those ages 17-25. Maximum Loan $2, 500. Other restrictions may apply. Membership available to anyone who works or lives in RI or New London County CT- requires a $5.00 deposit into a Share Savings Account.

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