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this website has used my information without my authorization.
My telephone started ringing from many many refinance company's to refinance my house and they all pointed this company as the company that gave them my information. I DO NOT WANT TO REFINANCE MY HOUSE... I just paid my house off...

Desired Settlement
my credit was pulled which dropped my score from a wide array of refinance company`s. I want all the inquiry's removed from my credit report from all 12 that I now see on my credit report. I want my phone number removed from ALL the company's that keep calling me. here is a copy / subject`s of emails..

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I want this done ASAP... I did not give permission to even review my credit, if anyone did I want to see the proof because that will help track down what is going on.

Business Response
The complaint raises several issues. I will address each one.

The most serious allegation in the complaint is that our firm pulled the complainant's credit report without his permission.

Our records show that there was no credit pull whatsoever.

I have tried repeatedly to reach the complainant, to get more information and help him figure out what happened, but he has not returned any of my calls. I have tried both numbers he left with the BBB multiple times, starting on the day we received the complaint, August 1st, and numerous times since then.

As to whether anyone else pulled his credit, that could only be done if he gave them explicit permission. No lender in our network can pull credit for a person based on the information we provide it.

We are eager to help the complainant figure out what happened, but can't assist him if he chooses not to communicate with us.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I work long hours and talking on the phone will not solve this. I did not answer the tele because bills.com was one of 10-20 calls I was getting a day and no calls were answered from out of state unless we knew the number.
I already know what happened, somehow the website got my information, possibly put in by another person by chance ? and the information was fwd to lenders and that's where the domino effect began. 1st was quickbooks to call, I asked where they got the information, I accepted 4 of the calls and asked where they got my information, all same. so the question is not how these lenders got my information, we know this.
One of 2 things is going on, 1 someone put my information into the bills.com site, or 2 a bigger scheme going on.
I have responded to bills.com emails I received and told them, I want to know where and how they got my information, look on server and get IP, etc... I know this is very simple. Look on the submitted information.

DO NOT say I have not responded to you at your repeated attempts to contact me. here is a copy of email I responded to you on 8-01-14.

Thank you for the reply, So far today I have got 16 calls about refinancing my house. I see you were one of the calls.

Let me assure you I did not put my info into your website, could this perhaps done by someone else? That is why I am freaked out.

by what I can gather, it seems I am now on a list that went out everywhere and the few I have talked to said they got their information from your site. It appears my information was added via your website and from there the information went elsewhere. It got sent to a few lenders and one of them put me on a list that went to yet more lenders it appears. Seems robo calling.

As of last night I had a few new soft inquires on my credit report from a few unknown places and currently tracking them down since they did not leave a tele number on the inquiry.

Thank you for removing my information, any information about the form submitted will be appreciated. Our network has been hacked before and I am just looking to know how this information got to you.. more than, "a form submitted online" answer.

Final Consumer Response
This can be closed because I feel the bills.com associate "******" has been truthful as best he can. I know servers and if he does not know ins and outs of servers / hosting / security, this information may be very difficult to get besides the basic information a website owner gets.
I just wanted to know the servers details of the submitted information. That would have told me all I needed to know.

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