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I filled out an application for a payday loan approximately three weeks from today, October 18... I was in need of the money for moving expenses even after family members disagreed. So after I was contacted by numerous companies saying I was approved, I went with Allied Cash Advance after numerous calls from them. I spoke to a representative by the name of Helen **, location in Seattle Washington New York. She goes to say, "You're approved Ms. ** for up to $5000 lowest amount $1000, " so I went for $1500. She tells me I would need to pay $183 insurance to show that I can make my monthly fee of 115 dollars. I believe. She goes to tell me repeatedly that I would receive it back with loan amount.

She tells me I need to purchase a green MoneyPak card and add the $183 in funds onto card. After that she said to call her to give information and after I will be receiving my funds. After doing so, she tells me to stay online or when she transfers money, she will give me a call. She never called and when I call, she says, "Ms. **, everything is good but you will have to pay $250 for state to state taxes and fees." I go to say, "Ms., I don't have that kind of money. This is why I'm trying to take out a loan." She patronized me by saying she understands, now trying to fast talk the situation at hand.

I further explained to her that she should have explained all of this information before any money was transferred from me to you and your company. She says, "I understand since I didn't explain to you. I can see if I can get amount waived." She comes back to phone, says she gonna pay on her part $150 and me $100 since she didn't explain beforehand. So I persisted in telling her that that's my last money. She says okay over and over and says after that 15 to 30 min., your funds would be in your account. I proceed to get the MoneyPak once again, this time around for $100. I call her and give her info now out of pocket of 283 dollars. She says again to wait 15-30 min. and doing so I did money.

I call, no answer. IT was a Friday. Figure they were closed. Monday morning, called numerous times and then got lucky. Representative by the name of Oscar answers. I explain to him the situation and he tells me if I want cancel. I tell him yes. He says he's gonna take info down for a Western Union transaction of my refund. He takes it saying he gotta go through something in financial department. He called me back with a number needed for Western Union. He called back, didn't get call. Then when I speak to another rep, to my dismay, they were still trying to proceed with application. Time after time, I'm telling them I don't wanna proceed. He tells me very bluntly and rudely, "This is why I don't deal with your type of people." I reply and say, "What type of people might that be?" I say, "That's very rude, offensive and unprofessional to your clients. Don't you think..." He says, "Because you keep blah blah blahing, " not letting me speak. I say I'm gonna report your company to attorney affairs. He hangs up.

Today I call to speak to manager to still try to resolve issue. Same thing not good outcome. He tells me my refund will cost me 110 dollars. I said okay and he tells me to my surprise, it has to come from my side so basically he's saying I have to give him 110 dollars to recurve my money of $283 back from them. Bottom line, scam rip off. They need to be reported and sued. Is there any way I can take them to small claims court to get my money returned? This doesn't make any sense at all. Hard-earned money down the drain for what, they are rude scams and everything that goes along with it.

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  • Flagship brand of APRO Financial Group
    The representative consumer financing brand of Korea, “Rush & Cash,” originated from seven private lenders including “A International Co. Ltd.” which was founded by a major private lender in Japan in July 1998.
    In Sep 2003 the Japanese mother company applied for eligibility to be subject to Company...
  • Debtor finance is a generic description of a funding process, based on the value of a business' accounts receivable ledger. Debtor finance is also marketed as invoice discounting, factoring, cashflow finance, asset finance, invoice finance and working capital finance.
    Most businesses have to offer credit terms, usually of 30 days, in order to...
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