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Cash Advance Inc. / Loan Officer: Richard Foster Threaten and Harassed Hayward CA

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Warning last chance to pay. Loan Category: Online Payday Loan Warrant Numb: -SMT5-853, Outstanding Amount: $986.00 ACCT I'D: HN5684 which is going to release on Wednesday 2015 Noon 1 p.m. Loan Officer: Richard Foster (Cash Advance Inc) / Docket number:KEIA-638205 with one of Cash Advance Inc. Sent proceedings of Nov. 8th 2014. If you fail to respond in the next 24 hours we will register this case in court. Consider this as a final warning. Do revert back if you want to get rid of these Legal Consequences and make a payment arrangement today or else we would be proceeding legally against you.The next step is Law Suit against you, but to do so you must take immediate action. You can Email back to get the payment mode too. If you take care of this out of court then we will release the Clearance Certificate from the court. Please, Let us know what your intention is today itself so we can hold the case or else we will submit the paper work to your local County Sheriff Dept. And you will be served with a summons at your door step. * This is the same message that I was threatened, harassed and scammed out of $900 Dollars a year or two ago. The same exact message about a online Payday Loan. Why are they still emailing me about the same thing again? If they were so honest as an online Payday loans officer. Why didn't they pay the$900 on the so called account that was outstanding? I reported this scam to my local Sheriff Dept. When I got scammed by the so called Loan Officer with two different names. They asked me to get a Green Dot card and load the money on it and call the service pin number in to them. I thought they were actually loan officers. I am very sceptical of giving out my information online now. Why haven't the Loan company mailed me a valid letter stating that I owe them money. I am not going through this situation again in 2015. If they want to submit paper work with the court That would be best for me. I'm not going to be a sucker!! to the scam Artists anymore. Please!!! Look into this situation ASAP. People don't have money to be giving away free to scam artists.

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  • Advance America Cash Advance (NYSE: AEA) was founded in 1997 and is the largest provider of non-bank cash advance services in the United States. As of December 31, 2010 Advance America operated 2,313 lending centers in 30 states, 21 centers in the United Kingdom, and 18 centers in Canada. Advance America does not franchise any of its centers in...

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