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DETROIT, MI - Using names like Check 'n Go, Cash Advance and Payday Loans, there are companies throughout Detroit and beyond that specialize in immediate, high-cost, shot-term loans with interest rates often reaching 30 percent or more.

Michigan United, an activist organization, is asking government officials to create rules limiting "payday lenders' ability to prey on vulnerable consumers" and plan a protest in Detroit Tuesday.

Protesters plan to dress in hazmat suits armed with caution tape to make their point.

"Michigan is one of 35 states across the country that authorizes payday lending in some form, " Michigan United said in a statement Monday. "While some states and cities have worked to put a stop to predatory lending, federal laws still largely allow payday lenders to prey on vulnerable communities and benefit from borrowers' financial hardship - with annual interest rates that routinely reach 400 percent or more."

Michigan United says the industry thrives on the poor, entraps them in a "cycle of debt." It did not outline in Monday's statement exactly what limits it would like to see imposed.

A Google search for of payday loan centers yields nearly 70 such businesses located in Detroit, some operating 24 hours a day. Their loans are accessible online with automatic bank deposits. In-person cash loans are available at on-site locations.

Interesting facts

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  • Collect on delivery (COD) is a financial transaction where the payment of products and/or services received is done at the time of actual delivery rather than paid-for in advance. The term is mainly applied to consumer products purchased from a third party, where payment is made to or collected by the deliverer from the recipient rather than...
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Popular Q&A

Where can i cash an US EXPRESS MONEY ORDER near Detroit, MI? | Yahoo Answers

Without a bank, you are SOL. No local store will honor it. Next time tell him to use a US Post Office Money Order. It's backed by the Federal Government and can be cashed at any post office. US EXPRESS is a rip off check cashing business, not a bank.

Who has jobs in Detroit, MI paying cash.

There are many jobs listed in Detroit, MI area. Most listing sites do not specify whether a person is paid cash or by check. Some of the jobs listed are: Patient Advocate-DEM Job at Henry Ford Health, Application Support Analyst for Ford Motor Company, Health Care Assistant - Ferndale for Planned Parenthood. Most legitimate companies though will pay you via a check.