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This PSC Procedural Statement sets forth the rules and requirements under which employees may obtain cash advances to support University travel or funds to support extended stays in remote locations.

Non-employees (including affiliate fiscal staff, associates, and students) are not eligible to receive advanced funds.

Terms Used in This Statement

  • Cash Advance – an amount of money approved by the organizational unit and the PSC, and given to an employee to cover incidental out-of-pocket expenses related to official university business travel.
  • Group Travel – travel to the same location for the same business purpose by three or more employees or non-employees.
  • Extended Stay in Remote Location – official university business stays in excess of 14 days and in remote locations where access to banking institutions and/or automatic teller machines is not readily available.
  • Remote Stay Fund – an imprest cash fund established by the PSC to cover official university business expenses related to extended stays in remote locations.

Procedural Statement

There are two reasons to request a cash advance: (A) advanced monies are needed for a trip (travel advance) and (B) advanced monies are needed for an extended stay in a remote location (remote stay funds).

A. Travel Advances

Under certain circumstances, employee travelers may need and receive travel advances to support expenses associated with official University travel. Study subject payments that are associated exclusively with a specific trip are among the expenses that may be considered as part of the need for an advance.

B. Remote Stay Funds

The University provides an option to support extended stays in remote locations. The remote stay fund is an imprest cash fund, established by the PSC and used to procure goods and services when normal procurement methods are not viable (as determined by the PSC, see University of Colorado Procurement Rules). The fund is for guides, translators, study subjects, security, transportation, communication (no pre-paid cards), non-traditional lodging, supplies, or similar items.

C. Obtaining Cash Advances (Travel Advances or Remote Stay Funds)

Cash advances are requested and reconciled through the Concur Travel & Expense System. In order to receive a cash advance, the employee must first be set up as eligible for cash advance processing in Concur.

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