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One of the convenient features of the ReadyLine of Credit is that you can take cash advances in any amount you need, up to your available credit limit.

The size of each cash advance determines the manner in which it is repaid. If you have a large purchase of $2, 000 or greater, that cash advance will have monthly installment payments calculated over 48 months.1 Cash advances of less than $2, 000 will not have a required installment payment calculated over 48 months. These cash advances are part of a revolving balance, with a monthly minimum payment, similar to a credit card.

Use the estimator below to enter each cash advance amount you anticipate taking and we'll help estimate your monthly payments.

1 Any cash advance of $2, 000 or more is referred to as an "Installment Draw" in the Line of Credit Agreement. Each Installment Draw has a required minimum monthly payment, which is calculated over 48 months at the interest rate in effect at the time of the Installment Draw (Minimum Installment Draw Payment). The Minimum Installment Draw Payment remains the same for 47 months. The applicable periodic interest rate is variable. Your final payment may vary and will be for all outstanding principal and all accrued interest not yet paid.

* The total estimated payment is an estimate based upon one of the interest rates available today. Your interest rate is based on your creditworthiness when you open your account and will be provided to you upon approval. You will not know the exact monthly payment amount until you receive your monthly billing statement.

This calculator is for information, education, and entertainment purposes only. This information may help you analyze your financial needs. It is based on information and assumptions provided by you regarding your goals, expectations and financial situation. It is your responsibility to evaluate the merits and risks associated with relying on any information provided.

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Cash advance calculation.? | Yahoo Answers

Surprisingly, not a lot. My computer calculated $3.71 for the interest, plus the $5 fee, equals $8.71 total.

How to calculate the fees of cash advance? | Yahoo Answers

The fees? Just the fees? The fees are 4% of $200 - $8, just as you said. The interest is roughly what you said, except calculate it on a daily basis, not monthly. But that is INTEREST, not a fee. Total fees are $8.00.